HELLO:)My name is smile!(Self-Introduction)

Hello-everyone! My name is smile. why does my name a smile is?

I don’t know that reason. because my parents are made my name before i was born.

But! I really love my name. and I think that my name is funny name. because my name means soy sauce in japan!! haha. So.. Maybe you remember my name more easy right?

There are my two hobby. One is to manege my instagram for my drawing to show many people! Ah!! My instagram is (@cms_drawing) follow me please 🙂

This is my instagram! there are so many awesome drawing! haha If you follow my instagram, you can see many darwing. Why do I my drawing up road? because I feel so good when I up road my drawing, People like that.

Two is to make many foreign friends! How make my foreign friends? It is secret! haha


this is my Russia friend Badim(바딤) But It’s such a long time since not one contact with him.. hehe.. (btw means by the way!)

He is my america friend Clinton! I usually contact (kakao talk) with him! and i sent many Korea snacks! image (2)

that is him instagram! (miso is my Korea name, Miso Choi)

and i meet my Japan freind when 2016.02.27! she is change student!

So! let’s go to the next topic is my interests!

I Looooooooooooooooove really really love fly to the sky!

you will think “what is that????that’s weird” haha

that is my favorite singer’s name haha. they are awesome and awesome! they are handsome and really good at sing!(R&B)

you know I love drawing right? I drew they and I send them! I was so exciting!

haha that is me ↑ haha they was happy. because I draw them.

What? You want to know my family????( you : No…) haha okay! I introduce my family Right now! (you: OMG..)

  1. me and dad
  2. my mom and my brother (18 years old)
  3. my family~~♥

I love my family Because MY FAMILY! (oh.. I think it is awesome saying)

what? you want to know my goals? (You: ah…)  My goal is art directer in the entertainment company. I love to work with entertainer and i love advertising. I want to work in sm entertainment!! So I must good at speak English, Chinese, Japanese…etc

But I’m not good at speak English, Chinese, Japanese… I study English (6 years) and Japanese  (1 years) Why am I not good at English? I think there are not real talking with foreign people. So I love my English class in Sahmyook University! haha

So.. Come here my University! and See you next time! Thank you .

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