My answer


Well, I think learning English language is not bad. Because English is the world language and many people know English well. So If we want communicate with foreign people, we should learn English. And the second reason is I love making friends who live in England, America..etc. Ah! Why I love it? Because I love learning other culture and I love talk with foreign people in English . Well.. I am not good at speaking English! But, just It helps my English power. Oh, My answers stray!! Sorry. Last third answer is most professional term is English. These days we work(ex.businessmen) with foreign people. So We need to talk with them and need communication. That’s why we learn and speak well English. By the way! Sometimes learning English give stress to me. Education to learn English in korea is useless. It teach grammar for CSAT. And It teach listening for CSAT. And teenager learn English for CSAT!!! Actually CSAT is very useless for talking with foreign people.


This is a picture that one part of CSAT test. Is it useful? and It is life style? The answer is No. I think Korea education should change. What about your thinking? Is it same with me? Whatever!


My answer is YES. If I am good at English, I will good at CSAT and go to the TOP3 University in Korea. For example Seoul University..haha. Nobody knows I go to the Goldensmith university that is I really want to go in England. Actually That answers are just my little hope. If I speak well in English, I will make foreign friends more than now. My dream of my dreams (wish lists) is to make foreign friends anywhere! If I go to the China, Russia, USA, Vietnam, …etc there are friends! That’s my actually reason why I want to speak well in English.


I agree that English is language that solving problem, he says. And I love it. (I usually love says that pursuade me.) So, I agree your question no.3. Why am I persuaded? He says English is used for treatment and poor (right?..) . One of my wish list is a building ‘A volunteer group art treatment ‘ in Korea. and Gradually to spread out.. It will turn around the world. So I need to speak

well English and be a English Mania.

2008010201032930073003_bThis is Han-Beeya. If I be a her jobs, Sorry to One more says, I agree his says.  Ah! Who is She? she is an volunteer in World vision! It sound likes lies. But.. Whatever? It is just my wish!!



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