Hello everyone! You maybe don’t know my interest. I love to communicate with celebrity. So, My dream is to be an art director of working entertainment management. So, This writing’s topic is My experience of Communicating with celebrity. When I was 18, I used my money(600,000won) during six months. It is same to use 100,000won per one month. Actually to use many money is secret to my parents. You maybe have a question. “Why did you use many your money? And what did you doing that money?” My answer is to see FTTS. (FTTS means ‘Fly to the sky’ is a R&B singer group. They are composed Hwanhee and Brian.) I have loved them since August, 2014. I saw their concert one times per a month. Totally 500,000won. And I presented them. Totally 100,000won. My best memory of concert experience is that I was on the concert stage with FTTS! What happening? When November, I went to their Fan meeting concert (talking concert) with drawing I had drown while one month. There was ‘Please say your story about FTTS’ event how to send my memo paper. I thought it selected one unique. So I send a memo paper made by myself. So, My paper was selected! I went go up the stage. And I could deliver my drawing, I could see them more close, I could take a photo with them. It was unbelievable day!



This is picture that I take! when I was go to the concert.



2107157831_2c667f5f 환옵


This is made of me.

  Actually I love Communicating with overseas celebrity. So, I love Sam smith of British celebrity. Do you know him? Very popular his song is ‘I’m not the only one’, ‘Stay with me’, ‘Lay me down’. Anyway, I wanted to communicate with him, I send many messages to his sns (Twitter, Instagram). But it was not easy. Very not easy. But I didn’t give up! I drew he and his sisters… I drew many his people. Even I drew his guitarist. And then, one day morning, My instagram’s Alarm was very hot. Because his sister share my drawing on her Instagram. Almost 2,500 peoples like her posts of my drawing. And Sam smith liked this!! I said Wow!!! Even though it was not direct communication, I was very happy ! Because just he saw my drawing and liked it. that’s all. He sometimes go to the Japan to sing for concert. But he can’t come to Korea.. Because Korea has not many fan. If I go to the England or Japan, I am must see him! And listen to live music!


samsmithworld is samsmith’s sns ID


Hmm! Let me introduce my favorite singer’s songs! That are I think best songs! First, FTTS’s best songs are ‘You aren’t know..’, ‘Give thanks’, ‘You You You’ ..etc! ‘You aren’t know’ is my very best song. (You’re only one to me, you’re live in me, We are the end today.., Like It is nothing, you are go, Left alone, Regret is mine, I pray your happiness, You don’t know that.) That is that songs mean! Is it not sad? Do you feel sad?..FTTS sings this the ending of concert. I was crying, listening to this. Well, Because melody was good, and I was empathy with song. Concert ending was fluttering pink paper, and It was a touching mood. Yes, ‘Give thanks’ is a ccm! It is song by Hwanhee of FTTS. Well you know, It is remake song. But I love song because his voice very lovely and awesome! Actually I don’t know this song lyrics. But I know this is about god. ‘You You You’ was ranked No.1 in korea music chart, August, 2014. It was chance to love FTTS.



Here is songs URL! You may think my recommend content is boring. Please listening and reading!

You aren’t know –

Give thanks – There isn’t not.. sorry

You You You –


And Second! Let me introduce Sam smith’s best songs I think! Actually That all songs are experience of Sam smith. He love male. Whatever! I don’t care about that. Because he has freedom of choice, right? You know this song? ‘I’m not the only one’ is very popular song If I type ‘I’m’ in Youtube, There is ‘I’m not the only one’ in the typing under box! (You say I’m crazy. Cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done. But when you call me baby, I know I’m not the only one.) This is a part of lyrics! I love this lyrics. Because It is straightforward. And I love pronunciation ‘z’ of ‘Crazy’. Well , You think It is weird. I love British’s pronunciation like this ‘Can’t’. ‘Stay with me’ is very touching song. It is made his lovely voice and awesome lyrics. I want who stay with me… haha It is the season cherry blossoms. I’m lonely! Hehe. And last, ‘Money on my mind’ It is Sam smith is getting more popular, he get many money. But he thinks I sing for love, not the money. So he makes this song. It is very unique songs.


Here is URL

I’m not the only one –

Stay with me –

Money on my mind –

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