Let’s know my relationship!


Externally, It is lie, If I don’t care appearance. But, It is not mean that is handsome or cute. It is mean “How often does man develop self-management.” For example, He invests his skin-management, and he cares about his fashion, and makes good smell from his body or clothes…etc. I think self-management is working develop myself. Right? Well, If he does not take a shower during 7days, he sometimes laundry his clothes, and doesn’t care about his tooth or his skin of face. And that man says “Nobody loves me… Where is my girlfriend?” That man in the situation is very selfish. Because he doesn’t care about himself, he thinks anybody care about me, and give me the love. That is so bad. Maybe I don’t like him. And he maybe doesn’t care his girlfriend in the future. That’s conjecture is naturally anticipated.

 Internally,  my ideal partner in the future must care about only me! Like sunflower heart!! Because the man who is complicated about female relationship comes to me like poison that makes my heart sick. When I am falling in love with the man, midstream of that’s situation, he is with some female, I will very lonely and get wound…Next super important is humor code. Because being with the man I love is not boring with same humor code. If It is not same humor code, it is not comfortable with the man! I like uncle humor, cold humor. For example like this picture.


Hahaha Like this I super love this humor code. So Finally option (actually It is super super important…) is like this picture.


What is that? You Jae suk change hat! For that girl. Because there was very cold…


That is the girl’s skirt was very short, and she needs to tie a shoes.

So You Jae Suk helps her….SUPER HANDSOME!!


Well, I think the love. But it is so boring answer right? So, I think It will very nice marriage with the man has the same interesting. My interesting is cooking and singing in the garaoke, and shopping, trip… etc. Why do I think that is important? Because my parents are not same interesting, So they are live together without funny and love. Actually there don’t develop their love. Sounds like sad?… hehe My parents say we(mom and dad) live together with (not love) friendship(?). My mom love shopping and like talking in the cafe, travel everywhere! But my dad love watching tv, playing game…etc.. Super boring parents haha. So, I think same interesting makes love to develop love. And super important!!!! And I think 30-33 ages are good to marry. Because in the women’s position, To love many people, meet many people and to see long is help to choice the man. And early marry is like to erase my young life….haha. I don’t want little mom!!!


they are famouse little mom and dad. Terrible!




So, I don’t care about Christianity or Buddhism. Because It doesn’t hate me. Right? But I don’t want the man who believes Allah. It is Islam. I hate them. Because IS. Well, IS is Islam, but Islam is not IS. But It agree kill people, and do terror! So scared. Nobody knows I will kill from Islam husband haha. I don’t understand killing is not bad.. By the way If my husband who believe Christianity or Buddhism will persuade to believe them … well It will good persuasion, I will believe, or not I will not believe.

One thought on “Let’s know my relationship!”

  1. Do you think it is bad what isn’t have and religion? Well, to believe religion or not is freedom, but I hate Islam. To hate is freedom too. Right? haha

    When I see the skins ( The English drama) , the boy in the drama who believe Islam is very limited.. well just my thought.

    Thank you for reading! byebye!

    (It is erase!!!!!! omg… sorry:( )


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